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Celebrating our National Merit Semifinalists

We are thrilled to celebrate our National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) semifinalists! Marking the 64th year of the annual scholarship program, the following students from the Class of 2019 have shown outstanding academic ability and a high potential for success in rigorous college studies:

Julia Amato

National Merit Semifinalist Julia Amato

At MICDS, you’ll find Julia on the tennis and squash courts while she’s also a peer tutor, senior leader and she’s even starting a chapter of Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon at MICDS this year. She’s passionate about learning and although she loves math and science, she shares that she loves school all around. Her number one test preparation tip? “Take plenty of practice tests and stay relaxed.” Congratulations Julia!

Andrew Zhao

National Merit Semifinalist Andrew Zhao

Congratulations to Andrew Zhao ’19! Andrew is a cross country runner, a member of the Entrepreneurship Club and is passionate about video games where he gets to meet people from all walks of life. His insight on test preparation is that “Practicing the test is a lot more useful after you know the basics that the test covers.” Congrats, Andrew!

Margaret Woodburn

Margaret Woodburn ’19 shares that her biggest trick in college test preparation is to not get stressed out. For her, that means waking up early on test days to listen to pump-up music and channel any nervous energy into focus. As a student, tennis player, math tutor and member of both Campus Democrats and Campus Republicans, she stays on top of it all by being efficient: “You have to take advantage of every moment you have.” Way to go, Margaret!

Jacob Tielking

A round of applause goes to Jacob Tielking ’19! As someone who likes to work with his hands and solve practical problems, Jacob is involved in rocketry club and Seldom Scene. He prioritizes his various commitments by what he’s most passionate about, and his top tip for best preparing for college entrance exams is to not worry. Congratulations, Jacob!

Hope Abel

Meet National Merit Semifinalist, Hope Abel ’19! She’s Vice President of the Thespian Troupe, Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, plays on the varsity lacrosse team and hopes to pursue acting in college. She balances this, academics and more by trying to work smart and manage her time efficiently. When asked about her advice for preparing for college entrance tests, she shares, “…figure out what works for YOU, and what YOU need to work on as an individual.” Congrats, Hope!

Mimi Klahr

Mimi Klahr ’19 juggles her commitments as a BJC Hospice Club co-head, soccer player, varsity girls squash team manager and hard-working student by staying ahead of her responsibilities and assignments. She also strives to find balance, sharing her philosophy that “…taking time to be with friends and family and do things you enjoy is as important as your school work. It’s crucial to finding a good balance.” Congratulations, Mimi!

These students will be recognized at a special assembly next month.