Oliver Langenberg Squash Cup Winners – Rebecca Wellford ’15 and Patrick Keeley ’16

Rebecca Wellford ’15 and Patrick Keeley ’16 were honored as this year’s recipients of the Oliver Langenberg Squash Cup. Squash’s most prestigious award, the Oliver Langenberg Squash Cup, is given in honor of Oliver M. Langenberg ’29 for his great spirit and enthusiasm for academics and squash. Annually, it is awarded to the MICDS squash player who best represents this spirit of scholarship and athleticism.

According to head coach Robyn Williams, Rebecca Wellford is an outstanding scholar and athlete. Her efforts in the classroom, on the squash courts, and on the lacrosse and hockey fields are marked by a commitment to the daily steps necessary to be a leader, and she is recognized as such by her classmates and fellow teammates. Rebecca picked up a racket for the first time as a freshman and very quickly became an integral part of our program, earning a coveted spot on the Varsity squad all four years. She brought intensity and competitiveness to every practice yet never lost her enjoyment for the game. Additionally, Rebecca looked for ways to increase the camaraderie of the team by demonstrating the same level of respect to her freshmen teammates as she did to her fellow seniors. Rebecca’s four-year tenure in the lacrosse and field hockey programs was equally impressive, and her full course load clearly shows that she has the drive to achieve equally both in and out of the classroom. Confidence, sportsmanship, perseverance, charisma, and academic prowess: without a doubt, these qualities have helped her achieve such success over the past four years.

According to head coach David Doherty, Patrick Keeley, brings “great spirit and enthusiasm for squash ” each and every day of practice . He is the player that all the other players look to not only for his work ethic, but for his passion for game. Patrick’s teachers report similar behavior in the academic classroom, and it is clear from his arduous studies on our East Coast trips that Patrick takes academics seriously. However, the quality that truly sets Patrick apart is his selflessness. Whether he’s holding doors open for people, going out of his way to express his gratitude, or making sure that everyone is included, Patrick is always thinking outside of himself. (I t is a common occurrence for complete strangers to approach one of the coaches to praise his behavior and thoughtfulness.) Not only does Patrick work hard on the court and in the classroom, but he manages that perfect balance between taking his responsibilities seriously and ensuring that everyone around him is having as much fun as he is. We are so glad to be able to work with Patrick for one more year.