Peer to Peer Mentoring Officially Launches

The cross-divisional Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Mentoring program has officially launched!

Last winter Anna Speller ’20 came to a few adults in the community wanting to develop a program to help Middle School students learn from Upper School students about topics that are really important for healthy relationships, decision making and being prepared for what Upper School is like. From those initial conversations, the MS/US Peer to Peer Mentor program was born.

In a recent interview with STL Jewish Light, Anna said she hopes that “students will look up to high-schoolers as friends and mentors to confide in.”

Approximately thirty 10th through 12th grade students volunteered their time and were trained as P2P Mentors. For six weeks throughout the school year, mentors will spend time in a 7th grade meeting followed by an advisory lesson/discussion two days later.