Public Safety Personnel Update

Just before the Winter Break, MICDS had a change in the position of Director of Public Safety. Captain Tim White was accepted for a position through Whelan Security at the airport. We congratulate Captain White on his recent promotion and wish him well in his new duties.

Captain Brady Lewis has replaced Captain White as the MICDS Director of Public Safety. He has been working under Captain White for the past year and is well acquainted with our campus and its policies and procedures.

You may reach Captain Lewis and the Public Safety officers in the following ways:
Captain Lewis’ office: extension 7245
Public Safety Office: extension 7340 (calls are forwarded directly to the officers’ cell phones if no one is in the office to receive the call)
Public Safety cell phone: 314-574-6378

Click here for photos of Captain Lewis and the MICDS Public Safety team. Please don’t hesitate to ask any of the officers if you need assistance.