Questions About the New Fitness Membership Program

This summer, in an effort to make use of our fitness facilities available to those who qualify at the times desired, the Athletics Department has instituted a new Fitness Membership Program that offers extended use hours and a variety of price points depending on which facilities will be used and by whom (Fitness Center, Squash Courts and Pool, at both individual and family rates). In recent weeks, questions have been raised regarding this new Fitness Membership Program that should be addressed.

Why is use of the facilities restricted to a specific group of people?
The City of Ladue mandates that we carry a Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow access to our School’s fitness facilities (Fitness Center, Squash Courts and Swimming Pool). According to the SUP, eligible users include students, employees, current parents and alumni only. These are guidelines established by the City of Ladue that we simply must follow. We have a strong relationship with the City of Ladue and do not want to jeopardize that in any way by being in violation of this SUP.

Why am I required to pay a membership fee when I already pay tuition?
The Fitness Center doesn’t really need to be open and supervised in the early hours for students. It’s primarily adults in our community who want to work out early. That cost is beyond what tuition should cover. Offering extended use hours for the convenience of adults brings with it an increase in costs that should be borne by users, not by the average tuition-paying parent.

Membership fees generate some modest revenue to help cover the costs of supervision and the replacement of equipment. It is important to note that we do not allow unsupervised use of our buildings by anyone, including those using the fitness facilities. Our goals are to ensure that these facilities are appropriately supervised, safe and well maintained.

Why not just allow the Fitness Center to be open without supervision?
In order to have the Center open and safe, it needs to be supervised by someone who can offer suggestions for safer use of equipment, call 911 and use the AED, if needed. We would subject the school to unnecessary potential litigation if we allowed the Fitness Center to be open without appropriate supervision.

We hope this information helps clarify the rationale behind the implementation of the Fitness Membership Program. Thank you for cooperating with the guidelines we have set in place to adhere to the City of Ladue’s SUP and ensure everyone’s safety.

For a comprehensive list of membership programs available, please click here.