Virtual Reality

Fourth Graders Use Virtual Reality to Enhance Exercise in Space

The fourth grade First Lego League (FLL) team is researching the idea of making exercise in space more enjoyable. Because there is such little gravity in space, astronauts need to use special equipment and workout at least two hours every day.

Their idea? Use virtual reality while you are exercising! They suggest programming your equipment so astronauts can (virtually) run in a forest, on the beach or even with their families back on Earth. How wonderful would it be to run with loved ones from millions of miles away?

Last week, FLL went on a field trip to explore their ideas further. Their first stop was to check out the virtual reality equipment Upper School. Thanks to Coordinator of Instructional Technology Christian Borja, 4th graders got to «virtually» visit the International Space Station where they experienced the idea of floating around the station.

Their next stop was to SWEAT, a gym in Clayton, to interview co-owner Matt Brown. They asked a lot of questions to learn about muscle atrophy and how hard it would be to exercise in space.

Needless to say, the FLL team is exploring a galaxy of ideas this school year!