3rd Graders Treat Guests to a “Taste of the USA”

Beasley 3rd graders have been busy learning about the histories and cultures of the 50 states that make up our country, and this week they were ready to share all that they have discovered. The annual Taste of the USA event is the culmination of their regions and states research, which includes a study of various cultures, foods, climate and history of each state. Each student brought a dish that represented their assigned state in some way, including Coca-Cola from Georgia, Hot Browns from Kentucky and key lime pie from Florida.

Students worked in groups to study different regions, using nonfiction reading and writing skills developed over the last trimester in preparation for this unit. Student groups then created a website featuring the information they found through their research and demonstrated the sites to their family members at the event.

One 3rd grader was assigned the state of Kentucky. She was so proud of the mint juleps and Hot Browns she brought to share with her classmates and their families. She said, “I learned that mint juleps are made from water, sugar, mint leaves, lemon-lime soda and fancy cherries. The drink is usually served at the Kentucky Derby, where people wear really big, fancy hats. Also, I made 70 Hot Browns all by myself, with some instruction from my mom.” You may be wondering what a Hot Brown is. It’s a toasted, open-faced sandwich with turkey, cheese, bacon and tomato, and it’s delicious!

“The students did a great job, particularly in their research and website development. Bringing in food to share is a fun way to celebrate all that they’ve learned about their particular states,” said 3rd Grade Teacher Aubrey Schmoll.