Tenth Graders Climb Outside Their Comfort Zones

For this year’s Upper School Community Day, students in all grade levels participated in activities focused on social and emotional learning opportunities beyond our campus walls.

Tenth graders took it even higher by visiting Camp Wyman in Eureka for high-ropes course challenges and team-building activities. The students’ leadership, teamwork, determination, and connection skills were tested in engaging ways. Students were pulled outside their comfort zones, interacting with peers they don’t normally engage with regularly. With all of the activities, many students soldiered through discomfort or fear to meet challenges and achieve their group goals.

Upper School Dean Daniel George remarked, “I saw students getting out of their comfort zones, encouraging each other, and connecting in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Some of the most useful conversations happened when students debriefed after team-building activities. They started to make connections between solving team challenges and working together in small groups or as a team in school.”

In the name of teamwork, tenth graders did a great job collaborating, making positive connections, building skills, and forging new relationships from the ground up!