Seniors Race a Cardboard Fleet on Polk Pond

The senior boat races set sail on day one of Spirit Week, launching waves of school spirit for all to enjoy. With vessels made only of cardboard, plastic, and duct tape, senior advisories picked their captain and raced each other for the annual maritime adventure on Polk Pond. Class President Willy Carpenter ’24 served as the event emcee, and per tradition, Upper School Arts Teacher Patrick Huber served as the DJ, spinning tunes from surf rock to yacht rock.

The competition included races in four preliminary heats, where each ship tested its seaworthiness and speed before the final round. Boats tipped, took on water, and turned flotsam and jetsam in the murky water, with only a select few making it to the opposite bank. With the wind in their sails, the Coco-Begrowicz advisory took home the coveted trophy with Max Garcia ’24 paddling at the helm.

Upper School and eighth graders joined the viewing area for the tide of celebrations, while the seniors closed the event with a collective dip in the pond. Congratulations to the seafaring students and many thanks to our senior parent volunteers for providing snacks and cool shades!