The Barker Ball Sensation that’s Sweeping Ram Nation

KMOV’s Steve Harris visited the MICDS Upper School campus this week to learn more about “Barker Ball,” a game created by Spanish Teacher Christopher Barker and some of his students from the class of 2015. Since its creation, the tennis/ping-pong hybrid has been a favorite among students and teachers alike and even has Upper Schooler Aanjaneyaa Venkataraman ’20 devising bigger plans for the game’s future having filed for a provisional patent for the game. The best part about Barker Ball? Its ability to bring students and teachers together for fun and camaraderie.

To get the full scoop, watch KMOV’s full story here:

In addition to being featured on KMOV, Venkataraman visited FOX2 News on Friday morning to further demonstrate Barker Ball to the Greater St. Louis audience.

With its dedicated fanbase, popularity and the students’ enthusiasm to teach the game to others, it seems the future of Barker Ball is on the rise – all from the humble beginnings of an Upper School Spanish teacher’s classroom.