Tim Bono speaks to the Upper School about happiness

Tim Bono Speaks About Happiness

“When you approach a given situation, you see what you are looking for. We focus our attention on what we want to see,” said Dr. Tim Bono as he spoke to parents and students last week about the concept of happiness.

Dr. Bono is an Assistant Dean at Washington University St. Louis who researches, writes and lectures in the field of Positive Psychology. His debut book, When Likes Aren’t Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness, was released in March 2018.

During both of his presentations, Dr. Bono addressed the relationship between happiness and social media, screens, money, community service, philanthropy and much more. Students and parents alike were intrigued and inspired by his findings.

“After our basic needs are met, money makes you happiest when you buy things for others. There is a similar effect when you spend time on others…Get involved in your community,” he stressed.