Upper School Spanish Students Gain Insight from Cortex Innovator

This week, Spanish 300 students were able to hear from Mr. Gilberto Pinela, the communications director at Cortex Innovation Community, the Midwest’s premier hub for innovation in business, startups and technology – located in Midtown of St. Louis.

Currently, students are in a “city” unit of their curriculum and are learning about some common problems and benefits of living in the city, with a focus on figuring out ways to help solve the issues.

“The primary reason we brought in this speaker is for students to learn about the positive impact that Cortex has had in the city of St. Louis and what they do to make our city a better place,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Hajdukiewicz. “We’ll use this information to compare with a similar project that takes place in Barcelona, Spain.”

Students were able to do a Q&A with Mr. Pinela at the end of his presentation, giving them a deeper understanding of what is happening in their community in terms of development, opportunity for entrepreneurship and innovation.