Outstanding Faculty

Excellence in academics at MICDS begins with our world-class faculty. As dedicated professionals deeply committed to engaging students in important learning both inside and outside the classroom, our teachers enjoy small class sizes, superb resources, outstanding facilities, and a deep commitment to best-practice pedagogy and the application of the most current research in effective teaching and learning.

The Lower School
Teachers, parents, students and administrators work together to create the best possible learning environment–one marked by caring, inquiry and a strong sense of community. Beasley faculty create an environment in which all children feel cared for – and, in turn, where they learn to care about others. As a result, our children feel safe and encouraged to inquire into their world: to pose compelling questions, to craft unexpected solutions, to build knowledge, and to discover new passions.

The Middle School
Our faculty is engaged in an ongoing curriculum project to design courses and activities that capitalize on the curiosity, energy and diversity typical of this age group. Hands-on activities and interdisciplinary themes are prominent features of the curriculum. Teachers also serve as advisors and work with students in small groups to establish an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

The Upper School
Dedicated, well-educated, and enthusiastic, the Upper School faculty serve as instructors, advisors, coaches and sponsors. As advisors, they meet with small groups of students throughout their Upper School years. This allows faculty to get to know individual students well, enabling them to be an effective link between parents, students and the School. Each student also works with one of four deans for their four years of Upper School. Deans work with the advisors and college counselors to provide a four-year support team for each student. Upper School students begin working with college counselors in the ninth grade, developing a close and supportive relationship. These counselors work with students and parents throughout the entire college selection process.

The School's Commitment to Faculty Excellence
MICDS has an ongoing commitment to engaging an excellent faculty. The School is one of the nation's leaders in supporting faculty development, making more than $240,000 available annually for professional development.

Faculty Directory

It takes a highly educated, enthusiastic and compassionate person to make one.

How can you accurately capture faculty who change lives, mold minds, remain positive influences in the lives of students long after the day has ended and long after their school careers are over? MICDS teachers are involved with students not only in the classroom but also during advisory, athletics and activities. The School prides itself on the infinite number of life-enhancing teaching moments that occur every single day, from the classroom discovery to the conversation in the lunch line.
MICDS faculty members are —educationally and experience-wise — among the top in the nation. Our more than 170 teachers include part-time faculty and teaching assistants, instructional support staff, learning specialists and librarians.

More than 70% of our full-time faculty hold advanced degrees, and nearly 6% of the School's faculty are underrepresented minorities. A majority of MICDS faculty have years of teaching experience, and nearly half of the School's current faculty have spent over a decade teaching here.