Eliot Summer Academy is a summer academic program for middle and high school students offered on the campus of MICDS. The program is named in honor of the school’s founder, William Greenleaf Eliot, a visionary thinker who sought to provide opportunities for young people to enrich themselves and excel academically. The Summer Academy aims to do the same, challenging and invigorating students with a variety of courses of study during the summer months.

Classes offered for Eliot Summer Academy are designed to be review, enrichment or replacement oriented. Review courses help students transition between coursework levels, allow them to redo work, catch up or make up a course. Enrichment courses offer something new and may help students prepare for the next school year. Replacement courses are offered for MICDS credit and help students open up their schedule for other options or electives during the academic year.

2018 Curriculum Guide

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Registration opens January 15.

Student studying

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For more information, please contact Emily Coppersmith, Director of Eliot Summer Academy, or Samantha White, Summer Registrar, at eliotacademy@micds.org or (314)995-7329.

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