February Nutrition Update

This Month’s #BeatsbyFlik: Classical
There are few things that connect with one’s passion like food and music. This year, we decided to bring them together in our program, #BeatsbyFlik. Last trimester, we explored the musical cultures of Country, Pop, Rock and Roll, Jazz, and Broadway. In January, we kicked off the new year with a 1950s-themed lunch, complete with diner fare and Elvis hits. Please join us on Tuesday, February 21st in the Lower School, Thursday, February 23rd in the Upper School, and/or Friday, February 24th in the Middle School for a special Classical-themed meal in the dining hall. We hope to see some dressed up diners enjoying our chef’s finest dishes.

#VegRev: Spinach
Our Veggie Revolution program focuses on veggies and introduces recipes and new ways to incorporate seasonal fresh vegetables into our diets. This February, we’re taking spinach, a well-known superfood, and showcasing the different ways it can be enjoyed. Be sure to tell your student to grab a sample, as well as a recipe card, for this month’s tasting of Saag Aloo.

This Month’s TF Express Stop: Paris
Our Traveling Flavors program explores different cuisines in order to introduce different cultures to our students and celebrate diversity. This year, we’re taking you on a tour of culinary delight via the TF Express, and our first stop is in Paris. Be sure to stop by the dining hall on Thursday, February 16th for a taste of classic French cuisine, and tweet #TFExpress for a chance to win a prize!

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If you haven’t seen it yet, also check out this video from our first Middle School Cooking Club!