Robotics Teams Compete at Southeast Missouri State University

The MICDS co-ed robotics team, Technoramic, and the all-girls robotics team, Rampunzel, competed this past weekend at at Southeast Missouri State University, with both teams advancing to the semifinal rounds.

Rampunzel won the Motivate Award, which honors team building, team spirit, and promoting robotics throughout the community; the award earned the team a berth to the state competition at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla on March 5.

Members of Rampunzel
Carolyn Botz ’17
Leigh Dennis ’18
Jennifer Donovan ’16
Libby Funkhouser ’18
Stephanie Gabel ’18
Rebecca Helfant ’17
Danielle Kain ’21
Alexis MacAskill ’17
Tista Mandal ’20
Bryce Marin ’17
Olivia Martin ’16
Lauren Mason ’18
Sophie Paul ’18
Stephanie Peng ’18

Members of Technoramic
Matt Currie ’16
Jackson White ’16
Charles Biggs ’16
Kristin Feeback ’17
Bob Sforza ’17
Clayton Pope ’17
Niema Foroughi ’17
Kendall Work ’18
Blake Abel ’18
Amir Shinawi ’18
Ehan Kamat ’18
Megan Currie ’18
Joshua Poole ’18
Justin Pace ’18
Jack Cai ’19